NC State Student Athlete Reconnect Program

NC State University is committed to helping former student-athletes complete their degree programs. If you are a former student-athlete who left the university without earning a degree, Reconnect offers you a second opportunity.

The Reconnect Program is offered each semester and encourages academic, professional, and community development. NC State’s Academic Support Program for Stu-dent-Athletes pledges to support and guide former student-athletes during degree completion.

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NC State’s Reconnect Program officially began in January of 2008 and is managed by the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes. The Reconnect Program is an earned aid program designed to help former student athletes return to school to complete their undergraduate degree. In exchange for funds covering in-state tuition, fees and books, students work throughout the semester with a local humanitarian or nonprofit organization.

The Reconnect Program is made possible through the NCAA and academic institutions who are members of the National Consortium for Academics and Sports. Earned-income funding has been provided by financial donations to the NC State’s Wolfpack Club.

Community Service
Earned aid recipients have served the community at the Raleigh Boys and Girls Teen Center, the NC State Athletic Department, Youth Sports Leagues, and the YMCA. There are both part-time and full-time enrollment options. The part-time enrollment requires 75 hours and full-time requires 150 hours of service throughout the semester or summer session.

Application Process for The Reconnect Program
1) Contact the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes.
2) Fill out Reconnect Program Application Requirements.
3) Submit Readmission Application to Registration and Records.
A selection committee will review applications and determine entrance into the Reconnect Program. The committee will review the written application, personal statement, and conduct an in-person interview. Further, this committee will provide continuous support and guidance throughout the degree completion.

Additional Information
As a former student-athlete, if you’d like to complete your degree, you may be eligible for additional athletics aid. Please contact Katie Sheridan for additional information.
Students selected to participate in the Reconnect Program must sign a contract, agreeing to fulfill earned aid requirements, and students must meet all contract agreements.

Reconnect Resources
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Contact Information:
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