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ASPSA In Action:

Field Trips:

Hosted field trips for middle and high school students from Dillard Drive Middle School, Enloe High School, and West Millbrook Middle School.

Introduced 280 students to the NCSU campus, learning expectations, coaches and student athletes.  Provided a positive overall campus experience.

Michelle Goldman at Dillard Drive Middle School had this to say:

What a beautiful day we had. Bless you for all your work.  The chaperones were thrilled with the message. The students were thrilled with the whole program.  Thanks so much for your work.  You guys did a superb job, and please thank the coaches and student athletes for spending their time with us.” 

Middle School Leadership Academy:

Hosted a three day, Middle School Leadership Academy with participants from 6 schools including: Dillard Drive Middle School, Centennial Campus Middle School, Holly Ridge Middle School, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, Wakefield Middle School, and West Millbrook Middle School.

80 middle school students participated in leadership activities led by ASPSA facilitators and 9 student athlete volunteers.

Collaborated with the Wake County School system and created new partnerships.

A student had this to share:

Dear Miss MacNab, I had a lot of fun at the leadership camp this year.  My favorite part was going on campus and hanging out with the student athletes. The library was fun to be in and Vaughn Towers was also fun.  I look forward to coming back next year. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting this camp together.  Thanks a lot.”

A parent had this to share:

“I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for allowing Our Lady of Lourdes to participate in this years N.C.State Leadership Academy. We were very impressed with the way the students from all the schools were able to vocalize the problems they witness in their schools and how well they formulated action plans to improve those issues. Honestly, there was not one project that wasn't well thought out and impressive.

On a personal note, I would like to address the integrity of the program. From the first day it was clear that this week would be fun but educational. More importantly it was extremely noticeable that safety was a priority. The drop off and pick up system, which could have been tricky with two different location, went very smoothly. At no time did I feel uncomfortable leaving our daughter in your groups hands.”

Enloe High School Partnership:

Hosted Enloe HS’s 9th grade academy on NCSU campus for a field trip to enrich the education of a group of “at risk” students.

Executive Director Philip Moses and Graduate Assistant Jennifer MacNab honored as community partners at the Ninth grade academy graduation as guest speakers and congratulatory diploma distributors.